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Easy Targets (1990)

Artist’s Statement

The title of the series goes a long way to describe its content and aim. Easy Targets consists of photographs of North American (mostly American, although some Canadian) public cultural artifacts. To each black and white in-camera triptych I have added a text, creating a sort of dubious affiliation. The result is a collection of elaborately mismatched quotations dealing with such diverse issues as representation, psychology, art history, photography, etc., which produce an almost palpable tension between image and text. This uneasy coexistence serves to desecrate, however delectably, the supposed objective authority of both the photographs and quotations.

The artist would like to thank The Canada Council for the Arts for their support of this project.

Easy Targets: Exhibition history

Solo (or duo) shows:

1993 Exposure Photographic Gallery, Vancouver

1992 Exit Gallery, Reno, Nevada
Hamilton Artists Inc, Hamilton, Ontario
Centre Vu, Québec

1991 Arcadia Gallery, Toronto
Latitude 53 Gallery, Edmonton
Floating Gallery, Winnipeg

1990 XChanges, Victoria, British Columbia
Galerie Photo-Vidéo l’espace f, Rimouski , Québec
Neutral Ground, Regina
Galerie 101, Ottawa

Easy Targets: Bibliography

1990 Greg Beatty, “Chuck Samuels: Easy Targets,” The Seen, Vol. 1, No. 1, August, 1990, Regina p. 4-5.

Easy Targets: Images published

1992 Rampike, Vol. 7, No. 3, Toronto, p. 34

Easy Targets: Exhibition details

Easy Targets consists of sixty fibre-based silver gelatin prints, each one measuring 59 x 36 cm / 23¼ x 14½ inch. The prints are pinned directly to the wall. Small cards with French translations of the texts are available to be mounted under each print. The entire set of exhibition prints fits into a cardboard mailing box that is 63.5 x 40 x 14 cm x 6 kg / 25 x 15½ x 5½ inches x 12 lbs.

Easy Targets: Press

Easy Targets: Inquiries

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